What Testing is Safe and Radiation Free?

If a man’s penis had to be stuck in a metal clamp to be compressed and radiated, do you think insurance companies would pay for other tests like ultrasound and thermograms?

Dr. Vikki Petersen is a Doctor of Chiropractic, Certified Clinical Nutritionist, internationally published author and public speaker.

The Truth About Mammograms & Breast Cancer

Are Mammograms dangerous? Do repetitive mammograms cause cancer? Why doesn’t insurance pay for ultrasound or thermography? Thermograms are known to detect cancer 10 years before a mammogram or self exam. Should women take control and speak up?

Cancer Risk from CT Scan Radiation

Radioactive Testing

Radioactive imaging is used to detect many defects, tumors, masses, and determine the severity of or treat a variety of diseases. There is also much concern about radioactive testing. Does repetitive testing cause cancer to grow?

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