Alternative Medicine for Cancer Treatment

Do you choose to treat the Symptoms or the Causes of Cancer?

MD’s are trained to prescribe drugs and most do not have knowledge of the treatments below. They are skeptical and adhere to treatment designed by the pharmaceutical world. Most allopathic doctors cancel the thought of alternative treatment immediately, and when they get that “miracle patient” that defies all their expectations, they are quiet. Afraid to rock the boat, they don’t go into the medical community and spread the word. The reality is that they have too much to lose if they don’t follow protocol. Conformity is safe.

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Using Oxygen to Treat Cancer? Watch This!

Interestingly, a study published in the journal, Plos One, showed 88.3% of oncologists polled would not prescribe the drugs to themselves or their wives and children, if they were terminally ill.

Is there a Cure for Cancer?

Oxygen Therapy For Cancer

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Statistics from American Cancer Society:

  • 2nd most common cause of death
  • 1.6+ million new cases per year
  • 1.4+ million alive in U.S. have been diagnosed with cancer

How Vitamin C Fights Cancer

You Can Beat Cancer…Naturally!

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