Insurance should pay for Alternative Treatments

An agency that changes insurance and includes alternative treatments?
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Should we have an independent agency that determines “how much” and “what” insurance ¬†pays for? What if we incorporated alternative treatments and promote health, decreasing the need for the drugs in the first place? Should “prevention” be covered by insurance? How do we fix this?

In our current system, the U.S. government through Medicare and Medicaid spends billions of dollars on drugs

Cancer Drug Prices are Extremely High

  • Medicare cannot negotiate with drug companies
  • Prices 50%-80% lower outside U.S.
  • Average cost of cancer drugs is $100,000 per patient per year

CBS this Morning Source 60 Minutes: Dr. Leonard Saltz and Dr. Hagop Kantarjian

Specialty Drugs Costs in U.S.

  • Less than 1% of prescriptions
  • Account for 27.7% of drug spending
  • Expected to increase 63% in next 2 years

CBS this Morning Source : Express Scripts

Pharmaceutical Companies Fund the FDA
What is PDUFA?

The Prescription Drug User Fee Act  (PDUFA) as explained on

The Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA), enacted in 1992 and renewed in 1997 (PDUFA II) and 2002 (PDUFA III) authorizes FDA to collect fees from companies that produce certain human drug and biological products. PDUFA established three types of user fees – application fees, establishment fees, and product fees. Since the passage of PDUFA user fees have played an important role in expediting the drug approval process.”

Rx Companies and the FDA

What you should know about Pharmaceutical Companies and the FDA


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