Can Antiperspirants or Deodorants cause breast cancer?

Some researchers suggest that aluminum-based antiperspirants and deodorants, applied regularly on the skin near the breast, may be absorbed by the skin, causing a hormonal effect resembling estrogen. Estrogen has the ability to promote breast cancer growth. Some research then suggests that the aluminum deodorants and antiperspirants may contribute to breast cancer.

Parabens and Aluminum in deodorants, antiperspirants | By Cancer Ed & Res Institute

The National Cancer Institute (NCI), a part of the National Institutes of Health, have made no claims linking the use of antiperspirants or deodorants and breast cancer.

Aluminum in Deodorants Can Cause Breast Cancer Use Lime to Eliminate Body Odor

Deodorant vs Antiperspirant | Dr. Weston

Some studies show a link between aluminum and breast cancer, Alzheimer’s, and lymphatic or kidney disorders.